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Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Long Run

So today we ran the longest I have ever run at one time. I joined a running clinic at the end of March - gotta lose the rest of the baby weight - and we have been running 3 times a week. Okay, I have been running on Tuesdays and Thurdays and the occassional Saturday morning when Mark is not working and I can haul my ass out of bed. We ran 12 km down from Pier 4 out around Bayfront Park and back to Williams. Wow! Okay supper is ready - yes 10 pm at night but at least we are eating! Long run, very sore feet and body parts, but great accomplishment.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I think I need a vacation. Either that or some sort of change from the routine. Maybe the rain is starting to wear on me, possibly that and the fact that I can not take a 22 month old to the park for his usual outing to get out of the house for a bit. Maybe winning the lottery.... Good way to get a vacation!

Friday, May 05, 2006

A sad week

I can not believe how sad it has been in the house without Mr Bunny. It is just not the same without him. I keep looking over to his house or under the table to talk to him, and realize again that he is gone. It is amazing how much a quiet little creature keep me company when we first had Alexander, how well he adjusted to a new baby and what a huge loss it is for us. We went to look at bunnies at the pet store and saw a small black Netherland dwarf very similiar to him. But still not Mr Bunny.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Farewell to Bunny

It is with great sadness that I have to report that Mr Bunny has gone to bunny heaven. He had visited the vet more times this month than ever and has sadly left our house. He left a legacy that included an email address, the inspiration for our baby room and countless shower gifts, garden statues, bunny doorstops and many other momentoes in our house. He was one of our links to Ottawa - which we still miss, and a reminder of who we were before we got married, moved across the province, bought a house and had a baby. We will miss him. But the worst part is he reminds me of how final death is in our lives, and how precious we are to one another. As I used to say to him when I went to work, "Bye Mr Bunny, see you later alligator!"

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

World's Best Husband

I have the world's best husband! Not only is he an amazing father and someone I look to for parenting advice, but he worked from home today because I was not feeling well. Actually I have been feeling wretched for many days and was in denial. My mother did not even know that I was not well. I think the whole experience can summed up as such:

The cost of getting sick:
Lost time working around the house....... 6 hours (naptime over several days)
Big, big bottle of ibuprofen ..........$9.99
Saline nasal spray..........$3.99
Box of green tea...... $3.29
Getting some extra rest (ahh, bliss!).... priceless!!
For all of our everyday expenses there is mastercard, for making me feel like a human being again, there is my awesome husband!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

40 and 20

So as many of you know, I turned 40 yesterday. That really did not phase me - not as much as still not fitting into my prepregnancy jeans. Ahhh!! Anyways, it just seems like a number, hard to believe but with an19 month old son, not feeling all that old. Until I listened to my voicemail yesterday. I had a message from a university friend/roommate wishing me happy birthday. I was reflecting on her message and contemplating asking her if we should organize a reunion for ourselves and friends from Waterloo university when I realized that I have known Lisa for 20 years! Yes, 20 years, no it will be 21 years this fall. I could then feel the grey hairs creeping in, the soreness in my joints, the out of breath feeling when I run - or try to run and I realized that I am getting old. I dont think I am old yet - that is not for another 30 years or so, or until my son tells me how ancient I am, but it is happening. Just before I started dating Mark (okay that is over 10 years ago), I was living in Ottawa and had a few people including Mark. Well, one of these people who will remain nameless was looking through the music selection and commented that old people lived there based on the music. I was very annoyed - Linda and I were not old - especially considering the antics that went on before both of us were formally engaged! And we did not see it that way, not in the least. The only time is has really bothered me is when I was working at the health unit and my colleagues seemed so much younger than I. But I have had an epiphany of sorts after I realized that I had known Lisa for half my life. Those people are colleagues, and just a short chapter in my life. Lisa, and many others like Lisa and Linda are the blessings that I have carried with me, along with all my baggage, my family, my tragedies and my joys. I am not old - just very blessed. That is indeed a gift unto itself. That and the great surprise Mark has planned for me this weekend!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Y&R addict

Yes, I have an addiction. Sure many people know that I have a problem with Diet Coke (could be worse I tell myself while sipping DC with lots of ice!), but I like to watch the Young and the Restless. Also, known while I was at Waterloo (University that is, ranked much higher than Carleton University academically) as the Young and the Breastless. My addiction started when I was in second year - first year I would scoff at all of my residence roommates huddled in the very cramped lounge watching Y&R at 4:30. But somewhere during second year it happened - and I was hooked. Now you have to understand that I am not hooked on the drama, the story lines ( not a lot of reality in many of them) or even any one particular member of the cast - I am addicted to the Y&R lifestyle. It looks so relaxing - great clothes, hair, make up, lots of fun parties, etc, and always stopping in and out of the coffeeshop and seeing someone that is an acquaitance. Hmm.. now I understand my husband's addiction to the Royal Oak in Ottawa during university. Yes, I know is was whatever name it was before it. Now that I am officially a stay at home mother (oh my god!! when did that happen and how!!!), I find that I try and seek out adult conversations, friends, acquatainces. When I was on maternity leave, it was going to the mall, visiting family, dropping into the office. But now, I have overextended myself with family - I see the shutters close when I drive up, there is no office and I am not working so going to the mall everyday is not financially feasible. So, under the guise of socializing my 18 month old son, I have signed him up for story time and swimming lessons. I was thinking maybe there would be other adults there. Only I hope they don't see the desperation for adult conversation in my eyes. Oh well! There is always the Y&R.