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Thursday, May 26, 2005


After I am not sure how many months, I have finally gotten my blog set up. Oh how uncool I felt and inadequate when every day my husband told me all about his blog!!! It is not like I was not busy that day or the one before - a ten month old baby can really put a strain on your time. When I was able to hold in one arm, I could easily type and work on the computer. Now it is a little different - I have an extra set of hands to help type and that is not just helpful. It is interesting how a little person arrives expectedly I might add at the house and changes everything. I have adjusted to that - not certain if the rest of the world around me has adjusted.

Well after one week of having a cold and croup, my son Alexander is feeling better. The one way that I can tell, is that he slept through the night!! Hurray!! Which in turn means that I slept through the night!!! Hurray!!! (The hurray! sounds like the Simpson's sound - perhaps when I get better at this, I will incorporate the urls like my husband and all his busy colleagues at work!!!)

I have to mention the garage sale that we, no I had on Saturday. We would not have been as successful if it had not been for Peter - helping to sell stuff and keeping an eye on the baby. But the best part was keeping me company and giving me someone to laugh with!! Especially when our neighbourhood sixties throwback arrived on his sheepshin covered motorcycle seat asking for broken gold chains, spare earrings etc. It took everything in me not to laugh! In the six years - yes, six years this coming Sunday - we have been in the house some things have changed and the motorcycle man is not one of them!!!!!! Good thing for friends