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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Already June

I can't believe it is already June!!! Where has the time gone? It is the heat of summer and last I remember, I was sitting in the den in the cold of winter! I read an article yesterday about giving your baby space. It reminded me of when Alexander was younger and would lay in his crib watching his friends - his Tiny Love mobile. He would lay there and scream and kick his feet and wave his legs. When you went into his room - as my husband often did - he would look at you as if to say - I'm busy right now - I am playing with my friends! Really is too funny. Still I really don't know where the time went. I have sent in my email for my return to work - yes, I really, really want to go back there! Even better, when I return, I get to do an orientation. Yikes is all I have to say!

Friday, June 03, 2005

My Destiny

I always knew that I was born to do something great. I have always wondered what it was and have finally found it. It was to have Alexander. After having him, I realized that I no longer found that there was something else for me to do. I think that I could do a whole blog just on the joy of watching him sleep - it is like seeing an angel for the first time.

Yesterday, I took Alexander on the bus for the first time to the Farmer's Market. It was so fun to take him on the same bus that I used to take when I was younger to go shopping downtown. That was when downtown was not full of horbaty's and it was the place to go and shop. Anyway, I digress - we went on the bus - had to ask how much since I have not taken the bus in a few years. Then the trip down was very exciting - Alexander watching all the people and looking out the windows. He was very fascinated with the fountain in Gore Park. My feet were so hot that I just wanted to put them in the water - only thing I could think of, was that I am sure that is where some of the less sober of us use for a public washroom. We walked down King Street past all the big buildings and into the mall. Very exciting for Mr. Man! The market held lots to see - thank heavens when we walked by the meat counter, they had sold out of the rabbits. That will be quite difficult to have to explaing to Mr Man. Why Mr Bunny's friends are cold in the case (naked too!) All and all a pretty exhausting time for him. I think we will have to start going to the market regularly.