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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Mommy finds a Mummy in Her Room

All the world and everything in it are toys to a 12 month old baby. I am convinced that Alexander does not need any toys - all of our everyday "stuff" seems to suffice. My body lotion bottle for instance. While I have been getting dressed the past few mornings, he trundles around the upstairs holding the bottle, chatting away going from room to room. This morning was not any different. I was in the closet trying to find some pre pregnancy clothes that fit me, pulling on a shirt and then going over to the bed when I ran into a mummy in my bedroom!! Toilet paper stretched on the roll from the bathroom and all the way around Alexander! Who was laughing! Who made me laugh! I untangled the toilet paper, put it back on the roll and went back to take the rest off the baby, who then trunddled over to the toilet and put the remaining paper into the toilet. What a smart baby! Makes up for the 2 different shoes that I wore to work last week - that is another story!


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