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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Slinky's Birthday

Today is the 60th anniversary of the introduction of the slinky. Everyone had a slinky. I remember trying to make our slinky go down the stairs like we used to see on tv. Never worked though. When I heard about the big anniversary, I did not think of my childhood slinky, but rather my friend Donna. You see Donna has a couple of her slinkys in her office to play with for creative inspiration. The really unique thing about them, is that they inspire lots of conversations while you are sitting in her office playing with them. Conversations about work (groan) and life in general. It reminds me of the great things that our friends do for us in the simplest of ways. I think friends like that are valuable. For example our friend Peter. Whenever he comes over, he always asks what can I do? Must be because it feels like our house is in a complete uproar. But really, who else can Mark invite to take out for breakfast to later learn that breakfast will be late, served in our kitchen - after helping me with the annual garage sale and Mark with a sick baby? I think some peolpe would be offended, expecting a nice restaurant breakfast and getting whatever is in the cupboard. Okay, we really aren't that bad hosts - it was such a long night with a 9 month old sick baby!! So, everyone needs a slinky. Or at least a friend like Donna and Peter.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Babies, Bunnies and Budha

Mr Bunny has adjusted to having a baby in the house. Mind you, his only adjustment is having to move very quickly because when Alexander comes home, he runs to go and see Mr Bunny. He usually has his shoes on and this is pretty terrifying for a bunny. At which point, Alexander notices the bunny poo that Mr Bunny has deposited outside of the litter box - he yells to let us know that there is bunny poo out of the litter box and then procedes to getting all of the utensils that are needed to clean up after a bunny - dustpan, paper towels, etc. Alexander has gotten quite good at this - to the point where the floor is kept quite spotless these days. A little on the tiring side but it could be worse? How? Just think, baby and open mouth. Ever since Alexander has been a baby, we have found that he reaches a stage of sleep whereby he resembes Budha. Now of course, I should insert a picture here, but I really don't want to take Alexander 's picture here and I am not as savvy as Mark is for finding pictures and inserting them. Budha came to visit yesterday. I was sitting with Alexander for his afternoon nap, he had fallen asleep and I noticed as I was about to put him into the crib that he was holding his soother in his hand and was in Budha mode. I wonder if Mark or I look like that while sleeping? The only way to find out would be to video tape ourselves while sleeping. Of course there is always the worry that other things will be caught on tape - oh I don't know, like a monster wondering through the room during the night, or perhaps the bogey man or the devil. Sounds far fetched, but those scary dreams come from somewhere. Perhaps the graveyard of dead blogs!