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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Slinky's Birthday

Today is the 60th anniversary of the introduction of the slinky. Everyone had a slinky. I remember trying to make our slinky go down the stairs like we used to see on tv. Never worked though. When I heard about the big anniversary, I did not think of my childhood slinky, but rather my friend Donna. You see Donna has a couple of her slinkys in her office to play with for creative inspiration. The really unique thing about them, is that they inspire lots of conversations while you are sitting in her office playing with them. Conversations about work (groan) and life in general. It reminds me of the great things that our friends do for us in the simplest of ways. I think friends like that are valuable. For example our friend Peter. Whenever he comes over, he always asks what can I do? Must be because it feels like our house is in a complete uproar. But really, who else can Mark invite to take out for breakfast to later learn that breakfast will be late, served in our kitchen - after helping me with the annual garage sale and Mark with a sick baby? I think some peolpe would be offended, expecting a nice restaurant breakfast and getting whatever is in the cupboard. Okay, we really aren't that bad hosts - it was such a long night with a 9 month old sick baby!! So, everyone needs a slinky. Or at least a friend like Donna and Peter.


At 9:01 PM, Blogger Pete Mitchell said...

Aw thanks. Really. I mean that.

Remember Bayview Mall in Ottawa? Remember that huge escalator that went from the first floor to the third? A buddy and I got thrown out of there for trying to make a slinky walk down that escalator. (Yes. A teensy amount of alcohol had been consumed.)

At 6:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Francine, I remember some of those conversations in Donna's office. The slinky was sometimes tossed from hand to hand in a kind gentle manner, then there were times when that poor little slinky was tossed like a ship in an oceans storm. It served as an expression of our moods and it was fun to have around. Just like you!!! I started this email to bash you for including Donna in your blog and not me, you know the competetive spirit in me, and of course Donna had to tell me to be sure and read your blog (you know that look she gets when she has one over on me).....but in the end, you are right, Donna is a good friend and so are you, and I miss you and I miss us. Heather Out!

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