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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Y&R addict

Yes, I have an addiction. Sure many people know that I have a problem with Diet Coke (could be worse I tell myself while sipping DC with lots of ice!), but I like to watch the Young and the Restless. Also, known while I was at Waterloo (University that is, ranked much higher than Carleton University academically) as the Young and the Breastless. My addiction started when I was in second year - first year I would scoff at all of my residence roommates huddled in the very cramped lounge watching Y&R at 4:30. But somewhere during second year it happened - and I was hooked. Now you have to understand that I am not hooked on the drama, the story lines ( not a lot of reality in many of them) or even any one particular member of the cast - I am addicted to the Y&R lifestyle. It looks so relaxing - great clothes, hair, make up, lots of fun parties, etc, and always stopping in and out of the coffeeshop and seeing someone that is an acquaitance. Hmm.. now I understand my husband's addiction to the Royal Oak in Ottawa during university. Yes, I know is was whatever name it was before it. Now that I am officially a stay at home mother (oh my god!! when did that happen and how!!!), I find that I try and seek out adult conversations, friends, acquatainces. When I was on maternity leave, it was going to the mall, visiting family, dropping into the office. But now, I have overextended myself with family - I see the shutters close when I drive up, there is no office and I am not working so going to the mall everyday is not financially feasible. So, under the guise of socializing my 18 month old son, I have signed him up for story time and swimming lessons. I was thinking maybe there would be other adults there. Only I hope they don't see the desperation for adult conversation in my eyes. Oh well! There is always the Y&R.