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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

World's Best Husband

I have the world's best husband! Not only is he an amazing father and someone I look to for parenting advice, but he worked from home today because I was not feeling well. Actually I have been feeling wretched for many days and was in denial. My mother did not even know that I was not well. I think the whole experience can summed up as such:

The cost of getting sick:
Lost time working around the house....... 6 hours (naptime over several days)
Big, big bottle of ibuprofen ..........$9.99
Saline nasal spray..........$3.99
Box of green tea...... $3.29
Getting some extra rest (ahh, bliss!).... priceless!!
For all of our everyday expenses there is mastercard, for making me feel like a human being again, there is my awesome husband!!